today has been a happy day. a day where i can confidently say i experienced great joy. not just those temporary feelings, but a deep feeling of peace and content. i am overwhelmed with gratitude, and it is so refreshing. i am starting to feel these good feelings again and i cant tell you how much hope it gives me.

today was a reminder of how much good there is in my life. that probably sounds dumb, but when your mind is clouded for a period of time in a depressed state, everything good fades to the background. it’s like you know that you are loved, that you are supported, that there are things you can do to cheer yourself up, but you ignore it. no energy nor motivation to try to make yourself feel better or remember all the positive things in life. everything just is.

i had coffee today with one of my very best friends. i had seen her a few weeks prior, but since we go to school in different states, i don’t get to see her nearly as much as i would like. so, i cherish any time i can spend with her. if you haven’t yet put it together, she is the reason i am writing right now.

there are many different kinds of friendship. natalie and i have the deepest of connections, the most authentic of relationships. she truly knows my soul. because of this, i am convinced that some people can help heal you. it takes a certain person to give you so much joy EVERY time you see them. at least in my experience. i had a two hour conversation this morning with natalie and i feel so hopeful, loved, connected, and happy during and after each time i see her. such a gift this friendship is.

so, today was a nice little reminder how blessed i am. i am grateful for friendships like this that remind me how great life is and how great love is. i hope that you too have someone in your life who makes you feel the same.