promises. still alive.

“things won’t change?”

he reminds her of those once spoken words

of answers effortlessly given

too innocent, too much left unsaid

the pain of a broken promise

the shattering of something once beautiful, pure

and as she embraces him

moving her gaze to meet his

he detects…

today has been a happy day. a day where i can confidently say i experienced great joy. not just those temporary feelings, but a deep feeling of peace and content. i am overwhelmed with gratitude, and it is so refreshing. …

i tell people often that i can’t make decisions. as pathetic as that sounds, it’s kind of the truth. growing up, most, if not all, decisions were made for me. despite having the innate capability of doing so myself, it was simply out of my control. i was told i…

who are you today and what gives you a sense of belonging?

recently i have been reading “after the rain,” a book of gentle reminders for healing, courage and self-love. i always have a hard time getting through a book like this, though. i have great difficulty staying focused long…

12/22/20: a day where i honored my needs in a subtle yet profound way

these three things are critical to me in any kind of relationship: authenticity, openness, and communication. pretty simplistic in nature, much more difficult in practice.

the way in which i love other people poses some interesting…

i have always been most comfortable expressing my thoughts through writing. it is also true that i am a very non-confrontational person, so that too could play a part. writing comes easily to me, and i feel i can be more succinct yet thorough at the same time. …


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